School Clubs

Our Clubs Include:
1. Drama Club,
2. Science & Maths,
3. Red Cross,
4. Cadet Corp,
5. Health Club,
6. School Choir,
7. Cultural Group, etc.

Action Ayekoo Drama group

Action Ayekoo Drama group was formed in the year 1998 to help students who have skills in action and dancing exhibit their Arts and Cultural Knowledge and improve upon their education side by side with performance on stage. It began as a unit in the school with 30 students and progressively the number has increased to about 70 at this moment in time. This area of Creative Arts is so important in the school because it promotes the total emancipation and the pro'le of the school both internally and externally.

The student body of the group undertakes drama at school and beyond. Action Ayekoo Drama Group takes part in all competitions organized by the Ministry of Education. The group excels inall competitions at all levels. The statistical table below will give you an idea as to how the group has performed in recent years with regards to competitions organized by Greater Accra Secondary Technical Division of the ministry of Education.

2013/14 2ND 1ST 2ND
2014/15 2ND 2ND 1ST
2015/16 2ND 1ST 2ND

During a drama competition organized by the Arts council of Ghana in 2014. Action Ayekoo Drama Group was 2nd in drama and 1st in Dancing. During Drama Competition organized by Heritage of Africa Productions in the same year Action Ayekoo Drama Group was 2nd in drama and 1st in dancing. The achievements are overwhelming, however on the whole the participation of the school in various competitions is excellent and students enjoy themselves and project the school within the country and outside.