Action School is built on vast land about Five (5) acres. The school is having a four (4) Storey girls Hostel at the Remedials. There is also boys’ hostel and about three different structures for classes. The main school premises have complex Storey buildings with a great number of classrooms. The school has computers, typewriters and other office equipments. The school is having two separate properties at Kwame Nkrumah Circle and similar properties at different locations in the country.

Action has a track record in academics and also blessed with the state of the art educational facilities such as Science and Computer Laboratories, Library ,Home Economics Kitchen Setup, as well as modern sport facilities and also offers decent accommodaton to students.



We collaborate to deliver projects on time and on schedule


Our ultra modern library facility is one of the few you can find is Ghana.


Become a successful student in Action. In Action we top it all.


We work together to enhance and compliement each other little effort.


In Action, we create and innovate to be unique.