Director's Message

Rev. Dr. James Amanquah
(Founder & Proprietor)

I welcome you to Action Senior High & Technical School's official website. Education is a determinant factor of one’s future, being it formal or informal. God himself recognised this fact and therefore allowed Moses to be trained in Pharaoh’s Palace for a very long period before assigning him a leadership work.

Life without a little education is like a shattered dream. No one is ready to go or work with a complete illiterate. Even in marriage how many only consider beauty as a secondary factor, they really want to know whether the individual is married or not. The level of one’s education goes together with the level of leadership position one can hold.

Education is not a race, the saying goes. Education is equally not late for any one. Action Progressive has therefore taken this opportunity to provide education right from the early age of one (1) to adulthood. The institution has many educational programmes that assist all and sundry. Kindly come to Action for free counseling and any assistance in total that is necessary to enhance your education.



We collaborate to deliver projects on time and on schedule


Our ultra modern library facility is one of the few you can find is Ghana.


Become a successful student in Action. In Action we top it all.


We work together to enhance and compliement each other little effort.


In Action, we create and innovate to be unique.